Instructions for new users
 * Applicants for New Health Professional License should only apply to Dataflow at for user ID’s from new applicants will not be entertained on this site.
Those who have already registered through the Dataflow application process do not need to register for a User ID here. All such Dataflow applicants will receive an email notification from HAAD with their User ID and password when their application reaches HAAD after verification/migration is completed by Dataflow. Attempts to register for a user ID despite being registered with Dataflow earlier will not be entertained.
 * Applicants for New Medical Facilities license should select Facility type: “Healthcare Provider” and    Facility Name: “New Medical Facility Applicant”
*Applicants for New Pharmaceutical Facilities license should select Facility type: “Healthcare Provider”  and  Facility Name: “New Pharmaceutical Facility Applicant”
*Applicants for New Non-Medical Facilities license should select Facility type: “Company”  and  Facility Name:  “New Non-Health Care Applicant”
*Applicants for New Health Insurance Authorization activity should select Facility type: Health Insurance Provider and Facility Name: “New Insurance Company”   or   “New Insurance Broker”   or   “New Insurance TPA”
*In case your request for User ID has not been approved by HAAD within 2 working days, you are requested to communicate to HAAD at with details of your need/purpose for a User ID & HAAD License details wherever applicable.